How to Start a Successful Career As a Freelancer [INFOGRAPHIC]

Are you looking for work or thinking about quitting your job and starting an exciting freelancing career? The world of freelancing offers many perks to experienced professionals in the fields of writing, graphic design, web programming and other online business areas.

Depending on your craft, a great place to start building up your resume and portfolio is through friends, family and local businesses. Hit the pavement and see if anyone in town needs a new website or logo for example. Make sure to do some research and figure out what your services are worth per hour based on industry standards and your given skill level.

As a freelancer you often can work remotely and provide clients a unique product that comes with a sense of self-fulfillment and independence. But just because you aren’t working for the man anymore doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep up constant communications with your clients, who are essentially your new bosses.

Just remember to stay flexible as with each successful project you complete another solid reference goes in your pelt as the reach and word of mouth about your legendary freelancing services grows ever more.

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