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The 6 Smartest Things You Can Do Every Night and Morning To Prepare for a Productive Day

Did you know that the secret to a great tomorrow is preparing tonight? By taking time each night to prepare for the next day, you free your mind of stress and allow yourself to start the next day off on the right foot.

Here are six things you can do every night and morning to set yourself up for a productive day.


1 Make a ‘Night Before’ List

Many suggest that you take time each night to prepare a to-do list for the following day. This practice, however, might bring you unnecessary stress that will keep you from getting a good night’s sleep. Chris Brogan, author of Human Business Works suggests filling out this goal-oriented template instead:

Tomorrow, I’m going to __________.
To be ready, I need to __________.
I will remember my __________.
The random thoughts that just filled my head are __________.
Also remember to __________.


2 Set Your Clothes Out for Tomorrow

As much as your mother nagged you about preparing your clothes ahead of time, you’ve probably realized that she was right: setting your clothes out the night before gives you a jump start on your morning. In fact, if you plan to exercise in the morning you’re more likely to do so if your clothes are out, waiting for you.


3 Forgive Yourself

Spend time each night before you sleep to reflect on everything you did during the day. Congratulate yourself on your accomplishments but also forgive yourself for your mistakes. Think of what you learned during the day and let go of the bad feelings you hold inside.


4 Do Something for Yourself

Now that you’ve had a good night’s rest, do something for yourself first thing in the morning, whether it be exercising, meditating or spending an hour with the newspaper and a warm cup of coffee. Doing this every morning will help make you feel centered and can actually help you brainstorm solutions to the problems you are looking to solve that day.


5 Have a Routine

Set up a routine that lets you subconsciously accomplish simple tasks like eating breakfast and choosing what to wear. This way you don’t waste time or energy making decisions that ultimately don’t help you accomplish your larger goals. President Obama once told Vanity Fair he only wears blue or gray suits to save him from having to make even more decisions each day.


6 Start With Something Big… Or Small

There are two ways to tackle your daily to-do list. One way is to check a big task off your list so you make sure you finish the most important duty of your day. Another way is to accomplish a few smaller tasks, which can help you gain a sense of accomplishment to help you start off your day. Either way, make sure you set priorities so you are able to finish the most important tasks each day!

What do you do each night and morning to give yourself a sense of balance and accomplishment?

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