How Much Does a Website Cost to Make? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Having a website is critical to the success of any big business or startup. But how much does a website cost to build?

While brand new domain names are fairly cheap, between $10 to $15 bucks, most of the names you’re likely to think of have been taken when it comes to the popular extensions like a .com or .net. However, you can buy older aged domains, typically ranging from hundreds to millions of dollars, depending on the traffic.

Once you’re ready to launch a new domain, you need to find a suitable web hosting plan, which depending on the goals of your application could range from as little as $4/month to over a thousand. Small blogs can usually get away with using cheaper shared servers or virtual private servers (VPS), while larger sites and enterprise applications use powerful dedicated servers in combination with cloud technology.

Overall, the greatest cost of a website upfront is in the design and development. Here are a few great web design blogs that could help you put together a site for free. But if you’re not the DIY type or an experienced web developer, you may want to hire a professional web design firm.

Website Cost

The bottom line is that a typical brochure or portfolio website could cost you anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000, whereas a fully decked out CMS website like a WordPress blog with a membership forum could range from $2,000 to $10,000. Finally, an e-Commerce site like a mom-and-pop small business website will likely cost from $3,000 to over $10,000, depending on the number of pages needed, along with other advanced functionality.

Do you have an idea for a new website, how much should you spend on it?

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