Learn How Mobile and Social Converge [INFOGRAPHIC]

With the rise of smart phones and our generation’s obsession with social media, it is no wonder that social networking is becoming increasingly mobile. But just how mobile?

Mobile users are actually more social in general, and visit social network sites more frequently than non-mobile users. In fact, 18-44 year old smartphone owners spend 84% of their time on social networks. A majority of time spent on Twitter and Facebook, specifically, comes from mobile use. 75% of Twitter traffic and 65% of Facebook traffic comes from mobile devices. In addition, as much as 80% of posts on Facebook about television comes from mobile devices as well.

Mobile use of social network sites occurs at different times and places, across various devices and with different sites. Young professionals use their mobile devices most to check social media while they travel to work and travel after work and while they are out with friends. They are most likely to check Twitter while traveling and Instagram when with friends. Interestingly, young professionals use tablets the most in the evening out with friends or at home to check sites like YouTube, Facebook and Tumblr. Desktop use rises at work, when young professionals unsurprisingly frequent LinkedIn.

The younger teen crowd uses mobile devices most during travel to school and lunch to check Snapchat. They also use their mobile devices extensively to check YouTube and Facebook while they are out with friends in the evening. Teens use tablets less often, mostly to check Tumblr when home at night, and do not really use desktops to check social media much at all.

Mobile social media apps are also quickly growing in popularity and use, with the biggest app audience increases seen in the use of mobile messaging apps. WeChat/Weixin saw a 62% increase in mobile users, a 58% increase in Kik Messenger users and a 56% increase for Snapchat.

It is evident that as time passes, social networks and mobile use are becoming more intertwined, joining together to create powerful forces in the world of social media.

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