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How Developers Use HTML5 [INFOGRAPHIC]

HTML5 is an up-and-coming markup language for building websites. One of the important uses of HTML5 is to display multimedia files such as video, audio, and scalable vector graphics to be displayed on websites without using plug-ins like Adobe Flash and Apple QuickTime. HTML5 also allows websites to incorporate interactive features such as drag-and-drop. While HTML5 is talked about often, it can be hard to tell whether or not developers are adopting it as a preferred markup language. To gain a better sense of what developers are doing with HTML5, Kendo UI surveyed over 5,000 software developers and technology executives from around the world in January to see how prevalent HTML5 is among developers and what they are creating with the language. Here is what Kendo UI found:


Who’s Building With HTML5?

North America is adopting HTML5 at the highest rates of the world with 70% of developers actively using the language. Next comes South America at 61% penetration and Eastern Europe and Oceania with 60%. 59% of developers in Western Europe actively use HTML5 along with 50% in Africa. Given its current prevalence around the world, it’s no wonder that only 24% of developers think HTML5 is overhyped while 68% think HTML5 is important for all developers.


What’s Being Built with HTML5?

HTML5 is being used to develop a large range of apps for all platforms. 60% of developers have already used HTML5 to develop desktop apps, 26% for mobile apps, and 14% for tablet apps. Additionally, 87% of developers plan to use HTML5 to build desktop sites and Web apps this year, followed by 53% planning to build HTML5 mobile sites, and 29% planning to build hybrid mobile apps.

When it comes to the types of apps being built, 54% of developers use HTML5 to build productivity apps and 38% for utility apps. HTML5 is useful for developing fun apps, too: 18% of developers use HTML5 to build social media apps along with 12% for lifestyle apps and 8% for games.

Developers also turn to HTML5 when building important Web technologies. 32% use HTML5 to build forms and validation tools, 31% for data tools such as WebSQL and IndexedDB, and 26% for flexible CSS layouts.


Which Platforms do HTML5 Developers Prefer?

Certain platforms are more enjoyable to build for than others. 66% of developers find it interesting to build HTML5 apps for Windows 8, followed by 47% for Chrome OS and 36% for Firefox. While 13% of developers find BlackBerry 10 interesting to develop for, 64% of developers also think BlackBerry is difficult to build for. 59% of developers find Apple iOS a challenge compared to 29% for Android.

It seems developers are becoming more educated on the capabilities of HTML5 and more accepting of HTML5 as a useful markup language. It also turns out that HTML5 is the most popular markup language for creating cross-platform mobile apps, and that HTML5 is likely continue to be used to build websites and apps that function without third-party plugins.

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