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The Hipster Logo Design Guide [INFOGRAPHIC]

Hipsters: as much as we love to hate these awkwardly dressed creative types, we have to admit that their endless search for the not-yet-cool and the obscure can be invaluable to companies’ design needs. Wait – how could such anti-corporates help your company, you ask? Well, hipsters have knack for finding the soon-to-be-cool and for focusing on the little details that could transfer your company from mediocrity to near-perfection. So if you’re looking to brand your company as The Next Big Thing, listen up: we have a hipster-inspired guide to get you started.

When branding your company, what better place to start than your logo? Below are six easy steps for creating a hipster-approved logo for your business. The best part? No concept is necessary! Just roll up the sleeves of your thrift shop shirt and dive in:

  • Step 1: Choose a badge: Choose from three designs: the “simple circle,” the “seal of approval,” or the “merit badge”
  • Step 2: Decorate: Throw an arrow, a banner, and a fun icon onto your logo like you used to used to put stickers all over your school binders. No need for relevance, here!
  • Step 3: Use key words: Make sure to use words like “artisanal,” “authentic,” and “handcrafted,” as these are buzz words for acceptance by the hipster community
  • Step 4: Include extraneous info: Be sure to include info like founding year, founding country, and whether your brand name is trademarked. The more information the better
  • Step 5: Add your name: Be sure to include your business name in your logo, but don’t work too hard making your name stand out. Just choose one of the few hipster-approved fonts, and be sure to check with hipster design sites; fonts lose their hipster approval faster than you can make this vegan egg sandwich with kale, “vegannaise,” and walla walla onions
  • Step 6: Make a rubber stamp: There’s nothing like an old-fashioned rubber stamp to demonstrate the forward-thinking nature of your company. Remember, only red or black will do!

What are some of your favorite hipster-inspired logos? Share with us in the comments section!

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