X Growth of Social Media

Tracking the Growth of Social Media

In the past five years social media has grown exponentially. Though both Facebook and Google+ have more than a billion registered users, Twitter beats out both networks in terms of growth, with a 44% increase in its user base from 2012 to 2013.

Google+’s high numbers come in part from Google integrating one login across multiple services, including Google+ and Gmail. This approach may impact growth numbers even more in the future. Take the new YouTube comments powered by Google+ for example. While YouTube is not featured as a social network in this infographic, its usage numbers are noteworthy; the site states that it sees 1 billion unique visitors each month. It remains to be seen if and how Google+ comments on YouTube will influence the usage stats of Google+.

These growth trends are something to keep an eye on, but for now Facebook is still the king of social networks. According to the Pew Research Center’s Internet Project, 71% of internet users are on Facebook and 84% of internet users who use only one social network use Facebook as their network of choice. Google+ has a lot of growing to do to match those numbers. Also, if statistics on Google+ could more clearly break down ‘Google+’ users into Gmail, YouTube and Google+ social network users, they would present a much clearer picture of the true state of affairs at Google+.

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