X Google’s Profit by Design

Google’s Profit by Design [Infographic]

Google has been the leading search engine provider a number of years, and currently holds a 66.9% (ComScore October 2013) market share. Bing follows with 18.1, while Yahoo has been sliding capturing 11.1%.

The search engine giant Google has built a market capitalization of $354 billion with a stock price that eclipsed the $1,000 market earlier this year and today sits at $1,059.

Here’s a look into how design plays an important role in generating most of that mammoth revenue for Google.

Page One Dominates

Chitika reports that page one enjoys 95% of all search traffic. If you’re not on page one expect to see little or no search traffic.

The first organic result on page one delivers about 33% of overall search traffic by clicks. The 2nd spot receives about 18%, while the 3rd spot drops down to 3.5%. The numbers show the why the number one spot is so coveted by SEOs.

Paid Ads and SERPS

Those advertisements that most of us love to hate account for 6% of total clicks from search engines, as reported by GroupM and Nielsen.

Women (53% – 47%) are more likely to click on paid search results compared to males.

Interestingly, middle-age surfers are the most likely to click paid search results.

Google Tailors Results by Location

Google uses your location to tailor its results. The Carousel, launched in 2013, for desktop gives users more images across the top based on their query. Taking up about 30% of the first SERP, it shows local listings that match.
Here’s a little secret that small business owners should know about the current local Google SERP. Google doesn’t give you much of chance to show up naturally.

The breakdown of today’s local SERP is:
30% The Carousel
30% Adwords
15% Map powered by local
14% Navigation bar
7% Organic results
4% Google owned Zagat listing

Yes, that’s right, only 7% left for small business owners. If you’re a small business it’s imperative that you claim your Google business listing and create a Google+ profile. Restaurants should also make sure their Yelp and Zagat listing are up to date. It is more than worth the effort for your business.

Adwords (paid advertising) is at the top of course at 30%. Do you have to pay to be found? The window is small to be found organically, so sprinkling in Adwords should be part of your plan to gain new leads in most cases.

Google’s Knowledge Graph

We’ve all used Google’s knowledge graph. When you start to type in the search bar and the drop-down bar the suggestions appears, that is the Knowledge Graph at work.

Google combines information other users found valuable with information already in the Knowledge Graph. Google wants you to find what you’re really looking for quickly, and hopefully click on one of their ads too.

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