X Google Vs Apple Facts and Figures of the Apps Stores Race Infographic

Google Vs. Apple: Facts and Figures of the Apps Stores Race [INFOGRAPHIC]

If there’s one thing we smartphone nerds like to do it’s compare app performance across Android and Apple iOS. Which system sports the most expensive apps? Which apps are more likely to encrypt your data or track our location? Where can we find the best apps for fitness, entertainment, and photography? At the end of the day, though, true signs of a successful, sustainable app environment lie in its number of active users and the daily revenue each system brings home. In terms of downloads, revenue, and usage, how do the Apple App Store and Google Play Store compare?

In June 2013 the App Store offered 900,000 apps for download to iOS users. The App Store saw 50 billion total app downloads, 1.8 billion per month. Google Play, on the other hand, has offered 800,000 apps to Android users since February of this year. It’s facilitated 28 billion total downloads and currently hosts 2 billion downloads per month. Though the Apple App Store has hosted a higher total number of app downloads, the fact that Google Play facilitates more downloads per month suggests the Android environment could soon become more active than Apple’s. It’s also likely that Google Play will soon surpass the App Store in total downloads, as iOS is predicted to receive 600 million activations in 2013, and Android an astounding 900 million. As far as the number of apps installed per device, though, the Apple App store has Google Play beat. While the average iOS device sees 83 apps installed, the average Android devices sees just 53.

Though the top 200 apps available in the App Store generate $5.1 million in daily revenue, and the top 200 apps offered by Google Play just $1.1 million, Google Play’s total share in revenue has steadily increased since November 2012. While the App Store used to generate 81% of total app-based revenues for iOS and Android combined, it now generates just 73%. These numbers are demonstrated in the chart below:

Chart App Store vs Google Play Apps revenue
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As Android continues to gain a larger share of the smartphone market, it’s likely the number of app downloads, revenue, and usage facilitated by Google Play will increase. Looking at these numbers, though, it’s difficult to say if Google Play will ever be able to compete with the App Store in terms of revenue.

What do you think? Will Google Play one day surpass the App Store in terms of revenue? Let us know in the comments!

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