The Future of Technology Predicted by Digital Marketing Thought Leaders

What do you think will be the next big trend in digital technology? First, we can see our lives becoming more integrated with mobile smartphones each day, and this trend has been in motion for some time. Apps are also becoming better at predicting our behavior through our location and context online. Now companies are looking to manufacture intelligent wearable computing devices that will become ubiquitous parts of our routines like the iWatch or Glass.


2014 will also be a big year for communities and advocacy according to Mark Curtis, CEO of Branderati. Jermeiah Owyang of Crowd Companies sees a movement towards a more collaborative economy between people, products and services. Also with social media taking over our thoughts and online screen time, popular brands have become the new media producers. “Branded content marketing will be everywhere,” says Joe Pilizzi, CEO of the Content Marketing Institute. This may already be true, with infographics, presentations, videos, podcasts and other documents as go-to tactics for savvy content marketers and a focus of our upcoming social network!

Native Advertising

Digital marketing consultant Jay Baer believes that “Advertorial 2.0 will become a major part of the marketing mix, as native advertising makes a comeback.” What he is implying is that ads that resemble the native posts of the platform they are seen on, like Facebook’s promoted posts or Twitter’s Promoted Tweets, are becoming increasingly popular. Native ads are very different than running ads on Google, for example, where the ad units look the same across multiple websites (albeit to generally smaller websites that don’t have native self-advertising platforms available).

Social Media

An even smarter option to build your organic following and traffic is to look towards social media. We’re seeing a new breed of startups that are able to efficiently bounce ideas through social channels and customer interviews to build better products and continually use this feedback and data to adapt for the future. What we’re seeing is a “convergence of the disciplines of UX design and brand storytelling,” according to the CEO of Traction, Adam Kleinberg. But businesses also have to be aware of people’s privacy concerns, and we are already seeing more communication platforms like Snapchat starting to focus on short-lived messages.

Cognitive Machine Learning

Possibly the most exciting (and scary) technology trend is artificial computers becoming more cognitive and human-like, a sentiment echoed by IBM’s predictions for the future of tech.

Where do you think the future of technology lies?

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