The Rise and Fall of Flappy Bird [INFOGRAPHIC]

The story of Flappy Bird is one of love, betrayal, and redemption; in short, it’s a modern classic. This modest game’s meteoric rise to fame over just a few months took us all by surprise—we were certainly not ready for it.

Flappy Bird, to many, is a testament to mankind’s cruelty; incredibly addictive and almost impossible to play, users couldn’t contain their frustration and yet they still kept coming back.

Created by a single man in Vietnam, the game became an almost instant sensation, topping the free app charts in over 100 countries. At one point, the app racked up a rating count of over 48,000, putting it on par with apps like Gmail. At its height, the game was earning its creator $50,000 a day.

As the game grew in popularity, Twitter became a hub for sharing “high” scores with other users as well as for venting frustration. Rumors swirled that success in the game was only determined by computer bots or that the app itself was just a PR stunt for a bigger game studio. For many of the detractors, its bizarre climb to fame could only be explained by it being all a scam. Others were probably just fuming over low scores.

The excitement and furor over Flappy Bird became so intense that creator Dong Nyugen tweeted on February 8 that he would be taking the game down from app stores the following day. By then, over 50 million had downloaded the game. Today the world is still reeling. Now that it’s off the market forever, players are left with a deep and resounding “huh?” hanging over them. Flappy Bird’s fifteen minutes of fame (or is it infamy?) has come to an end.

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