X Why Facebook Users are valuable to marketers

Why Facebook Users Are Valuable to Marketers [INFOGRAPHIC]

As the social network where users spend the most time each month, Facebook is incredibly valuable to marketers. In June 2013 alone, Facebook’s billion monthly active users spent a collective 20 billion minutes on the network – that’s an average of 8.3 hours per user for the month. 76% of Facebook users log in to the network at least once daily, and 4.75 billion items are shared each day! For this reason, advertising on Facebook means your message is likely to be seen by the most active user base in the world.

So how are Facebook users spending all that time on Facebook? Since Facebook serves as many people’s hub for keeping in touch with family and both close friends and acquaintances alike, many use the network to report life events like relationships, engagements, marriages and (sadly) breakups; moves and travel stories; baby news; and the deaths of loved ones. Facebook is also where many people discuss current events; in 2013 some of the most popular topics were Super Bowl XLVII, the Boston Marathon bombing, the royal baby, the government shutdown and Nelson Mandela.

Much to marketers’ delight, Facebook users also use the network to “check in” to places around the world. The top worldwide check-ins include Disneylands in the U.S, Japan, China and France. In the States, top check-ins include Disneyland, of course, along with Times Square, Epcot in Walt Disney World, Dodger Stadium and AT&T Park.

Check out the infographic below for more reasons marketers love Facebook.

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