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Is Your Facebook Page Performing Better Than the Average Page?

Is your Facebook Page performing above the average Pages on Facebook? Why don’t you compare the numbers to find out. In July social media analytics company quintly measured different key performance areas for Pages. To make it easier for brands to compare their accomplishments on Facebook, quintly grouped the Pages into the following segments according to number of fans:

  • 1-1k
  • 1,001-10k
  • 10,001-100k
  • 100,001-1m
  • 1,000,001-10m
  • 10,000,001+

Scroll through to see how Pages in your fan base segment performed in terms of “Likes,” comments, shares, number of posts, and more. Then compare your performance to that of Pages in your target segment to see what numbers you might expect in the future.


Average Number of Facebook Fans

Among brands with a comparable fan base size, what is the average number of fans? Here is the roundup of the average number of Facebook fans divided by fan base segment:

  • 1-1k: 333
  • 1,001-10k: 3,884
  • 10,001-100k: 35,254
  • 100,001-1m: 367,248
  • 1,000,001-10m: 2,810,357
  • 10,000,001+: 21,673,188

In general, it seems that number of fans is spread fairly evenly within fan base segments with the exceptions of the 10k – 100k and 1m – 10m segments, where a relatively tiny number of Pages had fan counts higher than the average.


Likes, Comments, and Shares on Facebook Posts

Among brands in your segment, how is fan engagement distributed between Likes, comments, and post shares? Here’s the breakdown:

  • 1-1k: 100% Likes
  • 1,001-10k: 78.3% Likes, 8.7% comments, 13% shares
  • 10,001-100k: 78.2% Likes, 8.1% comments, 13.7% shares
  • 100,001-1m: 78.2% Likes, 6.4% comments, 15.3% shares
  • 1,000,001-10m: 80.4% Likes, 4.3% comments, 15.3% shares
  • 10,000,001+: 88.4% Likes, 4.4% comments, 7.1% shares

According to these rates, it seems that midsize Pages have hit the fan engagement sweet spot. Since shares are like gold to Page managers for promoting a Page’s posts to a wider audience, it seems that Pages with between 1,000 and 10 million fans are rolling in the dough compared to the Pages with the smallest and the largest fan bases. While midsize Pages saw between 13% and 15.3% of engagement coming from shares, the smallest and largest Pages saw between 0% and 7.1% of engagement coming from shares. This is understandable considering that Pages with under 1,000 fans may be relatively new and therefore might not yet be able to gauge which content their followers like to share, while Pages with over 10 million followers have a more difficult time catering to the varied interests of their immense audiences.


Total Number of Interactions Compared to “People Talking About This” Rate

Besides how fans interact with your Page, it would be interesting to know the average total number of combined Likes, comments, and shares Pages in your segment see:

  • 1-1k: 6
  • 1,001-10k: 23
  • 10,001-100k: 121
  • 100,001-1m: 574
  • 1,000,001-10m: 3,261
  • 10,000,001+: 23,914

This number is telling when compared to the “People Talking About This” rate. This rate reflects the total number of interactions Pages saw via Likes, comments, shares, new fans, event responses, etc.

Here’s the breakdown of the People Talking About This rate among the fan base segments:

  • 1-1k: 13
  • 1,001-10k: 151
  • 10,001-100k: 1,617
  • 100,001-1m: 13,063
  • 1,000,001-10m: 76,847
  • 10,000,001+: 279,689

If a Page’s People Talking About This rate is relatively high compared to the Page’s interaction rate, it could indicate that the Page received high fan growth during that period.

For more stats about how Pages in your segment are faring when it comes to fan engagement, check out the infographic below.

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