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INFOGRAPHIC: Are You Feeling Facebook Fatigue?

It’s no secret that Facebook is the largest social network in the world, with 1 out of every 7 people on earth registered. The average person also spends about 7 hours per month on Facebook, so it’s not surprising either that some of these folks are looking to take a break. In fact, 61% of current Facebook users have already taken a break from the network for several weeks or more, and some of those departures have become permanent too. 20% of online adults who don’t currently use Facebook mentioned they did at one point. And 28% of the users say the site is less important to them now than it was a year ago, with almost one-third of Facebook users saying their time spent on Facebook has also decreased since last year! Facebook has gone from being “in a relationship” with most of us to “it’s complicated.”

Among students, the site’s original demographic:

  • 42% of Facebook users ages 18-29 say they spend less time on Facebook compared to last year.
  • 38% expect to spend even less time on Facebook this year.
    Maybe the youth abandoning Facebook is for the better though, as students who don’t use Facebook spend 88% more time studying than those who do! The average student studies 15 hours/week, whereas the non-Facebooker studies for an average of 28.2 hours/week. And those students who use Facebook while studying test an average of 20% lower than non-users. Overall though, 96% of college students do use Facebook.

    But most people aren’t cutting back on Facebook time just to study. The most common reasons mentioned for taking a Facebook hiatus are:

  • Too Busy – 21%
  • Lack of Interest in the site itself – 10%
  • No compelling updates from friends – 10%
  • Excessive gossip or drama – 9%
  • Concerns about spending too much time on the site – 8%
  • Just bored with it – 7%
    For younger people, leaving Facebook could also be a result of avoiding their parents. The average age of a new Facebook user is about 40 years old, with the two fastest groups adopting the platform being users of ages 55-64 and 65+. With the growth of Twitter accelerating past Facebook and other networks like Google+ and Pinterest on the rise, could Facebook’s days as the top social network finally be numbered? Facebook’s recent efforts to make more money with promoted posts and other advertising may appease investors, but many people are becoming frustrated with their lack of visibility with their followers when posting, including power users like George Takei. Facebook says that only 16% of fans see all of a brand’s posts, and these businesses have to pay Facebook now to reach any larger percentage of their own fan base.

    So whether your bored of Facebook, frustrated with the site, looking to avoid your parents, an ex, or just tired of the place in general, a Facebook vacation may be in your near future!

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