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20 Facebook Business Page Tips

While Facebook has a ton of critics, no one can deny the numbers and power of the social networking giant. A Facebook business page remains a must for a business of any size.

Are you taking all the steps to get the most out of your page and optimizing? This content laden infographic provides twenty Facebook business page tips that are sure to amp up your presence.


1. Provide information about your business

while this seems to go without saying, make sure you have all the standard information included on your page. You should include a business description, e-mail, phone, website, working hours, and address. Get this completed and you’re on your way.

2. Create a suitable cover image

The cover image is what brings them onto your page. Think colors and faces as these attract the most attention.

3. Use an appropriate profile picture

Refrain from being a clown here. This is not a place for your spring break photo. If you have brand logo, then that’s your answer. A professional picture of yourself is also a good choice. This gives the human touch that the brand logo can’t capture.

4. Keep up with the conversation

Don’t post and run. Be human and converse when fans comment. If you don’t get involved in the conversation people will stop leaving comments. Stay involved.

5. Engage your audience

This ties in with number four. Ignite your fans with interesting questions and content that gives them no choice but to comment.

6. It’s vital to be visual

We all know the power of images and photographs on the net. Whether you like it or not, images get our attention, text no so much. Make sure to include a large dose of images on your facebook page.
Be visual

7. Post diverse content

While images are powerful, you want to mix it up bit. Let your fans bite on videos, articles, and yes even polls. Sharing diverse content keeps fans interested, and they’ll be back for more.

8. Be specific

Nobody likes longwinded. Get to the point with each post. Keep confusion out of the equation. KISS.

9. Don’t over post

More posts equals more likes and shares, right? Well, not necessarily. More is not better. Find what works for you, but stay under 10 posts per day. A better sweet spot would be in the 4-8 range.

10. Be interesting

This goes without saying. Boring doesn’t work. Don’t forget about humor. Humor can be a home run for you page. Don’t be vanilla.

11. Honesty is the best policy

Be honest with your audience. Don’t lie. Honesty builds trust, and trust builds relationships. Be honest even if it hurts, it’s the only way.

12. Be consistent

You really want to post every day. Inconsistency spells trouble. There are too many pages out there covered with tumbleweed. Don’t be a statistic. Post daily.

13. Use reasonable moderation

Ah, the negative comment. Should you delete or not? You want to delete spam. Someone commenting to F yourself should be deleted. If someone disagrees with you and it’s expressed in a civilized manner, then you must leave it on your page. Be a pro, and reply to disagreements with class.

14. Stay current with facebook changes and updates

Facebook seems to change hourly, so you need to keep abreast with their changes and act accordingly. You don’t want to miss anything that can improve your page.

15. Don’t automate

Please stay away from the dreaded automated Twitter feed to your Facebook page. No way. This is one location where you want to present and manual.

16. Grammar still counts

We all make mistakes with grammar. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have the luxury of an editor to check each piece of content before publishing. Take your time, and at least do a once over.

17. Know your insights

Facebook insights? Yes, those metrics behind your page that tell what is working and what is not. Uncover what content works best, and what are the best times to post. This is valuable information, and will lead to more likes, comments, and shares when used properly.

18. Value each like, comment, and share

This is the bread and butter of your page. Don’t take them for granted. More of this type of activity increases your Edge Rank and you’ll reach more people moving forward.

19. Use Facebook ads

Since such a small percentage of your fans actually see your content naturally in their streams, Facebook ads has almost become mandatory. Use your ad manager and hone in on a demographic that makes sense for your page. You control what you spend.

20. Promote, promote, promote

Stick with the ad manager with more detail to target your demographics. You’ll achieve better results than the simpler boost your post advertising.

Get the word out about your Facebook page through other social networks. Let readers know on your site with an icon or Facebook page plugin. Invite your Facebook friends.

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