X marketer's guide to Facebook retargeting

The Marketing Guide to Facebook Ad Retargeting

Are you looking to get more traction for your business on Facebook? With the launch of Facebook Exchange (FBX, Facebook’s ad retargeting platform) in June of 2012, marketers were given a new tool to bid on ads in real-time. FBX ads were shown in the high profile right-hand sidebar and nearly accounted for 28% of all  display impressions in the United States. Now Facebook has turned up the heat again by allowing FBX ads to appear within the coveted News Feed section, a more desirable location than the right-hand sidebar.

How Does the Facebook Exchange Work?

When you visit a third-party website from Facebook, Facebook collects that data. Facebook then continues to track your browsing on other external sites and converts that data into information marketers can use to determine how to “retarget” ads to you so that you visit their site again. So if you visit a third-party website to shop for a camera, for example, you can expect to retargeted ads selling you cameras the next times you visit Facebook.

FBX Ad Breakdown: Right-Hand Sidebar vs. News Feed

Facebook has a reach of 1.15 billion monthly active users, with nearly 700 million (61%) active every day. Ads placed in the News Feed led to a 197% increase in ROI compared to ads placed in the right-hand sidebar. News Feed ad format and location allow for more engaging ads with a 21 times higher CTR over web retargeting and 49 times higher CTR over the FBX ads on the right. The data also indicates that News Feed clicks are more affordable than those on the RHS at an average of 54% less cost-per-click (CPC).

The FBX News Feed ads offer a great new opportunity for advertisers to recapture and convert previously lost customers. News Feed ads offer greater prominence than ads placed in the right-hand sidebar as well as more accurate targeting and direct linking back to an external site.

Are you using Facebook’s retargeting ad platform yet?

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