Face Squared: The Numbers Behind Networking [INFOGRAPHIC]

Virtual conversations and instant connectivity to other people have replaced face to face conversation, but meeting a person actually in person is as important as ever. In the business world, maintaining relationships with clients is the key to success and 95% say that face to face interaction is essential to keeping those relationships.

Of all the conversations that take place in the United States, 10% of those are online rather than in person. That’s not much different in business as collaboration and communication tools have had to become more advanced and inclusive in order to reach more people. Video conversations, email, instant messaging and share screens are some of the most popular communication tools that businesses use, but many think that it’s not enough. While they may be a good tool to use initially, nothing replaces real human interaction and in-person conversations tend to be more positive and are perceived (whether they are or aren’t) to be more credible than online conversations.

Since communication is more than just the words we use, face to face interactions ensure that there will be the highest level of understanding and there will be little room for guesswork. Inflection and facial expressions are taken into account more than the words that are used. We take notice of humor, sarcasm, and seriousness in the voice; nuances that would go unnoticed in a text-based conversation.

How important is face to face communication to you and your business? Take a look at this is infographic for more and let us know in the comment section. Don’t forget to like and share!

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