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The Evolution of Samsung’s Galaxy Smartphone [INFOGRAPHIC]

In 2010, Samsung ended up launching one of the most successful lines of smartphones ever, the Galaxy series powered by the popular Android mobile operating system. With a steep hill to climb against competitors like Apple’s iPhone though, the first release by Samsung, the SI only sold about 20 million devices. This was followed by another 28 million units sold for the SII. It wasn’t until the SIII release when Samsung really hit it mainstream selling 50 million units as of March of this year. In 2012, Samsung also sold more phones than Apple with a 97.5% growth in shipments compared to just 38.3% growth for Apple.

Now the new Galaxy S4 just released in 2013, is sure to be Samsung’s biggest device ever, and maybe the most popular smartphone made to date. Below you can get a good look at the new S4 design along with a timeline detailing the entire evolution of Samsung’s Galaxy devices highlighting the specification improvements of each successive phone release.

galaxy s4Source: Samsung Tomorrow
Are you a fan of the Galaxy S series?

Dave Gabbett
Look at the size of that thing! It's almost a notebook. Still happy with my GS2.. but hmmm
Daniel Zeevi
I've had the GS2 for awhile too Dave, great phone :)
Sunish Sebastian
Now we can have a real camera with Galaxy S4.
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