The Evolution of Marketing [INFOGRAPHIC]

With the rise of the Information Age and humans’ reliance on technology, the field of marketing has transformed and expanded vastly. The internet has doubled the channels through which brands can market to customers. Companies that used to exclusively use outbound marketing like newspapers, magazines, television and radio to market their brands now use new and modern inbound marketing avenues like search engines, social networks, mobile and social media.

What does this mean for marketing? This means that companies should look to start transitioning, using more inbound marketing to capitalize on changing consumer patterns. Shoppers believe they are more informed than sales associates because people use technology while shopping to research brands. Almost two-thirds of shoppers access that store’s website or app and a little over one-third access competitors’ sites or apps to research items before purchase. Furthermore, consumer trust in online sources, from the brand’s websites to customer reviews and opinions, has increased.

If companies do not restructure, they will not be able to keep up with the rapid changes taking place in marketing. 60% of marketers today believe that their companies’ marketing strategies are ineffective and 53% believe they are not creating enough content at all. Using social technologies to market their goods can be advantageous. Even better, companies changing their marketing techniques means more job opportunities for people and huge growth overall. This gives a positive outlook to employment rates in marketing for the coming year.

Check out the infographic below for more about the changing field of marketing.

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