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Timber: 8 Epic Architectural Fails that Changed Design Forever

We all make mistakes, and we live. But when architects make mistakes, especially when designing buildings, the results can be catastrophic. Yet when buildings fail, at the very least we can take away lessons to apply towards future designs.

For example, when the Tower of Pisa, built in 1173, started to tilt, we realized that building things on marshy land was probably a bad idea. And when the St. Francis Dam collapsed in 1928, killing 600 people, the need to continually inspect the integrity of industrial structures like dams and bridges was born. In 1940 one of the most dramatic bridge engineering failures ever occurred when the Tacoma Narrows Bridge collapsed in a windstorm. From that poin ton bridge design began to account for environmental factors like wind and harsh weather.

Engineering fails aren’t limited to the 20th century and earlier, though. In 2009 the Vdara Hotel & Spa in Las Vegas opened a new casino that featured a unique curved structure. This structure just so happened to collect solar rays and beam them down onto unsuspecting patrons in the pool area, melting objects and causing burns to anything in its way.

When it comes to exciting new architecture and design, history provides a strong foundation for what not to do!

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