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How Risky Is Enterprise Software? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Companies everywhere rely on software to keep their processes running smoothly. Making sure the team functions at its highest capacity means higher profits and better production. But these sometimes life saving applications come with their own set of risks. Most of the time we take the software at face value and count on security being on its highest level without doing any research on our own. Most of the time, this software has access to very sensitive and confidential data; a risk that so many companies ignore.

The average company outsources 65% of its mission critical apps, apps that are vital to their functions. Not surprisingly then that 63% of reported data breaches were the result of a security deficiency in third-party code, but fewer than one in five companies do third-party software security assessments. Even with the thought of all these potential risks, it’s hard to understand why a company wouldn’t run basic tests.

So what can you do to ensure that your company will not fall prey to stolen information from third-party applications? When looking for software, choose those that have the VerAfied mark, it signifies that it has gone through independent assessment from Veracode and the vulnerabilities have been remediated. Through testing from Veracode’s automated binary static and dynamic web vulnerability analysis, these marked programs are safe and good to go for your business. If a software vendor isn’t showing you that their products are secure then take caution; that’s the number one sign that they aren’t secure.

For more on the dangers of security breaches through shady software check out the infographic below. You’ll learn more about how to avoid, identify, and what to do if a breach does occur. Don’t forget to like and share on Twitter and Facebook and let us know what you think in the comments.

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