You Are What You Eat At Work [INFOGRAPHIC]

We all know good nutrition is important for everyday life, but who knew it would be so important in the workplace too? Not only does eating right help employees be more effective and efficient, but businesses can reap real benefits from encouraging and investing in good nutrition among employees. According to a 2013 study from the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, employee nutrition is linked to higher profits.

Good nutrition has been shown to increase employee engagement and productivity. Workers who ate healthier all day missed 27% less work and were 25% more likely to have higher work performance. Eating foods high in iron, vitamin C and vitamin A also improves employee health, physical capability, and performance.

In practice, companies saw tangible gains and savings from investing in nutrition. For example, Coors Brewing saw a $6.15 gain in productivity for every $1 the company invested in healthy food. In addition, Husky Injecting Molding Systems of Ontario looks to save $6.8 million in a year by investing $2.5 million in health and fitness.

In conclusion, companies should invest in health and recreation for their employees. Offering healthy food and fitness options can decrease worker sick days and boost worker performance, adding to a company’s bottom line.

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