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7 E-Mail Marketing Tips [Infographic]

Email or electronic mail came to life back in 1971, invented by engineer Ray Tomlinson. Email is as much a part of our lives as waking up. Transparency Market Research predicts that the multi-billion Email Marketing industry will reach $6.5 billion by 2018.

There are many misconceptions about email marketing best practices. Here are some e-mail marketing tips that you probably didn’t know.

The Best Time to Send Email

The average user gets about 150 emails per day, while some of us can even cross the thousand mark daily. It can be overwhelming.

While there is a lot of info on the best time to send email, it truly doesn’t matter. While 85% of our emails are opened within 2 days of receiving, 32% of purchases take place 2 weeks after.

Don’t Give up on Inactive Users

The rule of thumb is to sending messages to inactive users after 6 months. But did you know 20% of your list will still open after being active for 6 month?

Spam Button Barely Touched

Spam, or any email we receive when we are not expecting at that exact time, is not officially reported as much as you might think.

Less than one subscriber in every 2000 will mark an e-mail as spam. The vocal complaints heard daily carry a load bark, but very few do anything about the issue.

The More the Merrier

It’s a numbers game. Sending four emails instead of one per month doubles the number of consumers opening one or more emails which significantly increases revenue.

This doesn’t mean send 50 e-mails per month, but sending a few instead of one is recommended.

Longer Subject Lines are Supreme

Short and to the point subject lines have been beaten into our heads. Well, shorter subject lines (under 60 characters) do generate more opens. However, more characters (over 70) increases clicks. Most marketers place a higher value on clicks than opens, so think longer subject lines.

Subject Line and Junk folder

According to 540 billion sent emails “spam” keywords have little or no effect on ending up in the junk folder. The typical keywords like “free” and “money” don’t lead to a trip straight to the junk folder anymore than any other words.

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