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8 Things Worth Knowing About Eating Sushi

Are you a sushi connoisseur? In my experience, you either love, or you hate the food, and there is little ground in between when it comes to raw fish.

But eating sushi (or seafood and rice) is good for you (as long as you’re not eating a plateful of deep-fried tempura drenched in soy sauce). You should avoid using too much soy sauce anyway to avoid overpowering the taste of the fish and to cut that extra sodium out of your diet! And even if your mouth sets on fire from too much wasabi, try not to ignite another fire by rubbing you chop sticks together – doing so sends a message to the chef that the utensils are cheap. And if you’re wondering what the point of all that ginger is, it’s eaten between different types of sushi in order to cleanse your palate for the next type of fish.

For maximum flavor, you should start any sushi marathon by eating the fish with the lightest flavor first before moving onto the heavier fish like fatty tuna. And perhaps lost on American-style sushi meals is that your bowl of miso soup should be consumed after your meal to help with digestion – not as an appetizer!

Are you getting hungry yet or does the thought of sushi make you queasy? Either way, here are a few facts worth knowing about sushi that you probably weren’t aware of before:

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