What is the “Best Dog” to Adopt? [INFOGRAPHIC]

We all have our favorite breeds of dog, but what if you saw data that indicated that your favorite breed of dog was overrated?

In his infographic, “Best in Show: the Ultimate Datadog,” journalist David McCandless tested the idea that our “favorite dogs” are not always the “best dogs” to choose.

McCandless analyzed data on intelligence, longevity, health, grooming costs, and nutritional needs of many popular dog breeds and this data allowed him to score each breed. McCandless then charted those scores against the popularity of the breeds. The resulting infographic shows what dogs are “inexplicable overrated,” (popular, but with low data scores), “rightly ignored” (not popular, apparently for good reason), “hot dogs” (highly popular and with high scores) and “overlooked treasures” (unpopular, but with high data scores).

Based on the data, you might want to look to adopt a Welsh Springer Spaniel or an Australian Terrier. But if you like the bulldog, you might want to think again: it’s the most inexplicably popular breed.

Make sure to click on the infographic to zoom in and really see where the different breeds stack up.

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