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Good Customer Service Is Good Business: 4 Ways to Improve Yours

Have you ever been so infuriated by a company’s customer service that you broke your phone? On the other hand, how incredible is it when a company has fantastic customer service?

While the Comcasts and Verizons of the world might be able to get away with treating their customers like indentured servants, serving customers well is essential for the vast majority of companies. In fact, as many as 66% of customers will spend more with a company with great customer service.

To illustrate this point, visual communication and design agency Column Five created an infographic for customer service software company Zendesk called “Convert With Convenience: Good Customer Service is Good Business.”

The infographic shows four ways you can improve your customer service, and thus improve your overall customer satisfaction:

Moral of the story? The better the customer service, the more successful the business.

Check out the infographic for more information on improving your company’s customer service!