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How to Create the Perfect Post on Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]

PerfectPost-BannerAlmost everyone has an account on at least one of the major social networks on the Internet either Facebook, Twitter, Google +, or Pinterest. Some people like me have accounts on all four social networks and use the different social networks for different reasons. But the main reason we use social networks is to engage with other people either with our friends and family, or anyone who has our same interests. Here are some things to think about when you are writing a post for your social network.

When posting an update to Facebook or a tweet on Twitter most people wouldn’t think it matters how they write their tweets and posts or even when they post it. If you want a lot of people on the Social Network to view your post then it is very important to choose what and how you post.  While everyone is focused on getting their status update or funny thought posted to their Social network so all their friends can comment. It is easy to miss an important factor and that is how the post looks on the social network. People use social networks like Facebook, and Twitter in many different ways for different reasons. Twitter is mostly known for a place to find real time information in a compact format, but Pinterest is used in a complete different way. Most users on Pinterest are either looking for ideas or browsing images related to topics they like.  If you try to lump all the social networks together and send one update to all of them you will likely have information that is not suited for any social network.

This is especially true when using one of the many tools available to manage and schedule social media posts. Social media tools like HootSuite and Buffer can be very handy when trying to plan and schedule your posts on different social networks. But when you use these tools to share the same information in the same format across multiple networks these tools take away from the quality of the content you are sharing. When you post to a social network and the post is only a link and no content, it can make the post seem spammy and people may just skip right over the post. If you like to use these tools and want to get the most from a social network then you have to customize each post for the social network.

This Infographic from Mycleveragency has laid out what you should be putting in your posts for each social network. The Infographic makes it easy to understand what you should be putting in your posts, and when to post it. If you follow this guide you should have great posts and different posts for each social network. Following this won’t automatically make people interact with the post, but it should get more people to read your posts and hopefully improve the number of people following you on social networks.

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Thanks for sharing. Great tips.
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Another great find for me by DashBurst :)
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