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The Craziest Stuff People Search for on Google [INFOGRAPHIC]

While searching for something on Google you’ve probably seen a few eyebrow-raising (and sometimes disturbing) phrases appear through Google’s auto-complete suggestions. Part of the reason these phrases appear is based on how often they are searched for on Google. In order to see just how often some of these strange searches were conducted, search engine marketing service Search Factory researched just how often certain phrases were queried.

Search Factory collected the worldwide average monthly search volume for various phrases using Google’s Keyword Planner tool and found out the world searches for some pretty weird stuff. For example, each month the phrase “How to hide a dead body” is searched 1,000 times around the world, and “How to get away with murder” is searched 1,900. Search Factory chalks these violent searches up to television writers experiencing writer’s block. I hope they’re right!

In other searches, it seems we love our cats a whole lot, but our cats don’t love us. Every month 390 people ask Google “How to make my cat love me.” Did you just feel your heart break a little? At this point, you might be ready to join the 9,900 monthly searches for “How to mend a broken heart.”

Humans don’t only want love from cats, though: the phrase “How to ask a guy out” is Googled 14,800 times each month. And when love goes sour, 5,400 monthly searches will be made for “How to have an affair,” while 40,500 searches will be made by people trying to remember why they got married in the first place.

Perhaps one of the most amusing of Search Factory’s finds is that the phrase “How do I use Google” is searched for 1,000 times each month, and the phrase “How do I Google something?” is Google 4,400 times monthly. Question is, if people don’t know how to use Google, how are they Googling things? Whoa, that’s meta.

Check out more of the world’s craziest searches in the infographic below.

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