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INFOGRAPHIC: Could Samsung Ever Take Down Apple?

As of 2012, Apple and Samsung are the only two mobile companies in existence that actually turned a profit on smartphones. Apple and Samsung basically split 100% of all the profits in the smartphone market! And the fued didn’t stop there with a highly publicized legal spat over patent claims. Courts eventually decided overwhelmingly in favor of Apple’s patent claims against Samsung, awarding the company $1.05 billion in damages, yet more legal battles have continued on between the tech moguls ever since. So after that milestone victory and the overall popularity of the iPhone, you would think Apple pretty much solidified themselves as the top smartphone company right? Well, lets take a look at the numbers to see how it all really breaks down between Apple vs. Samsung.

Revenue & Employees

Recently we studied how to best measure the efficiency of a social network, which was broken down in terms of users and profit per employee. In 2012, it was actually Samsung that had the larger revenue of $183.5 billion compared to $156.5 billion generated by Apple. And Samsung also has more employees than Apple, which is practically at a 2 to 1 advantage in Samsung’s favor (220,000 vs 115,000 employees for Apple).

Research & Advertising Spending

Samsung also has a significantly larger research and advertising budget than Apple. Samsung spends $10.5 billion on research and development, almost 3 times the $3.4 billion spent by Apple. Samsung also has a 3 to 1 edge in advertising spend ($3 billion vs $950 million).


In 2012, Apple’s profit was 43% greater than Samsung’s though. In Q4 of 2012, for every dollar spent on a smarthhone, Apple received the most profit:

  • Apple got 43 cents
  • Samsung 36 cents
  • Nokia 7 cents
  • All other phones: 14 cents


    In Q3 of 2012, Samsung sold more phones:

  • Samsung shipped 66.1 million phones (21.8%)
  • Apple shipped 45.8 million phones (15.1%)
    Samsung’s number of shipments also grew more in 2012:

  • 2011-2012 Shipment growth Samsung: 97.5%
  • 2011-2012 Shipment growth Apple: 38.3%

    But the most telling story of all?

    In 2012, Apple ranked first for smartphone brand loyalty, but in 2013 Samsung finally took their place. Despite Apple’s current lead in profit margin, Samsung is selling more phones and growing at a faster rate! Also most Samsung devices are powered by the Android OS, which has taken over with a 65% market share of worldwide smartphones sales at the end of 2012 (compared to just a 20% share for Apple’s iOS).

    Some Apple fanboys may look to form a mob over this statement, but the question isn’t really could Samsung ever take Apple down, it’s has Samsung already done so?

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    Liz Pullen
    Go, Samsung! Take down that smug Apple. ; )
    Bridie Christopher
    having used both at this point in time still apple fun.
    Aneta Burzy
    hm... I like both.. I'm using more often Samsung, so I guess I'm on team Samsung..
    Patryk Skorupa
    Pamiętać też trzeba, że samsung produkuje trochę większy zakres sprzętu jak Apple ;) tego drugiego nie lubię przez nieczyste zagrywki, negatywny PR i zbyt wysokie ceny za produkty ale jestem w stanie przyznać, że produkuje porządny system i sprzęt
    Matthew Garrett
    Gotta go with Apple. Samsung produced a similar product, using someone else's software, and threw some fancy hardware at it. I can't just go to a Samsung store whenever I have a problem. Plus, though Apple produces the products overseas, the majority of the profits stay here in the US, to help build our business. I think Samsung makes great products, but in the phone section, Apple, no competition for me.
    Marco Dieckhoff
    The pie chart of "2012: Apple's Profit was 43% Greater than Samsungs" is wrong. As "Apple = Samsung * 1.43", and "Apple + Samsung = 100%", resulting in 41,15% Samsung to 58,85% Apple.
    Kitty Smith
    I have owned both- currently with Samsung Note. I have noted the strengths and abilities of each. My preference is still the Apple, I will come back when my provider has the nano sim available.
    Michelle Gilstrap
    Samsung has the research to top Apple. I would buy a Samsung for my next phone over an I-phone anyday.
    Julie Benson-Grant
    Samsung has to have a larger development budget and team as they put out what seems like hundreds of models... what is the point? Apple does it well with one (different colors and different configs). Simple, elegant and it works. 'Nuff said.
    Robert Phillips
    I think it's a done deal without Jobs...the coolness factor seems to have faded at Apple quickly.
    Vitaly Volodchenko
    Jobes gather greatest team so they can easy continue his job
    Julie Benson-Grant
    His name is spelled "Jobs"...
    Louis H Uffmire
    since I own only Apple products and have nothing negative to say - I am on team Apple.
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