How to Blog, as Taught by Coca-Cola [INFOGRAPHIC]

A little over a year ago, Coca-Cola decided to revamp its website to become a major content source where people could get information and news from blog posts, videos and more. The rise of content marketing inspired the company to shift focus and create the new Coca-Cola Journey website. A transformation of this caliber required a thorough and effective strategy for generating a successful final product. Coca-Cola’s Director of Digital Communications and Social Media Ashley Callahan gives us an inside view of the guidelines used by Coca-Cola to create content people want to read.

There are four questions, Callahan says, that you need to answer to create great online content and marketing.


1. Why Should I Care

Callahan’s first question, “Why should I care?,” weeds out the content should be left behind. If you yourself wouldn’t share that article or video, then the content is not worth your time. Rather, you should think up content that people can’t resist sharing.


2. Does the Content Surprise You?

Once you’ve weeded out the bad topics, ask yourself, “Does something in the content surprise you?” If content offers nothing new or interesting, move on to the next option. Articles and other content that cover novel ideas or thoughts and noteworthy information will go furthest.


3. Is There Universal Appeal?

Next ask yourself, “Is the content universally appealing?” An article that will not intrigue the masses is doomed to fail. Successful articles, on the other hand, will have some viral factor and the potential for a big audience backing. To ensure that your content is far-reaching, make it relevant to many, not a few.


4. Does the Content Generate Interest in What You Have to Offer?

Lastly, bring the content back to your product or company by asking, “Does the content generate interest in what you have to offer?” In content marketing it’s always important to bring people back to your business. Use content to interest people in your product, service or company.

What tips will you have for content marketing?

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