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How to Childproof Your Internet [INFOGRAPHIC]

Did you know that children are 50 times more susceptible to being victims of identity fraud? In fact, 10% of children under the age of eighteen have already had their identities stolen at some point.

In order to properly childproof your Internet, you should start by educating your kids to stay away from violent hate sites or pornography. Teach them to never share personal information, passwords or photos and to always ask you before installing any new software. And importantly implore them to never chat or meet with someone they don’t know. You can also use parental controls via your Internet Service provider or anti-virus software to block access to trouble areas online. And regulate the time your children spend online while monitoring their Internet usage to make sure their experience is always an enjoyable and safe one! Sure you might end up becoming the parental version of the NSA, but is anything more important than your children’s safety?

What steps have you taken to protect your kids from the big bad Internet?

Trusting Education, Inc
There's monitoring, and then there's also developing trust with your child. Remember the 70s, when parents kicked kids out of the house and told them not to return until dinner. It was your responsibility to tell time and get back home when you were told. And how much of what went on outside of the house did parents know about? That's one -- albeit flawed -- analog for having your child develop autonomy, but seriously, giving a certain amount of latitude in a child's online existence is just as important to that child developing a sense of self.
Mike Ramirez
Good info. I'll be there in a year or so. Kids too young still...thankfully!
Tim Pixley
It's all about accountability. Keep a close eye on your children, especially when it comes to smartphones!
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