X Kittens and Bacon Infogrpahic

Kittens & Bacon: The Infographic to Rule the World

If there’s one thing we love at DashBurst, it’s cats. Whether it’s cats that kick puppy ass, computer-hijacking felines, or cats that are even grumpier than Grumpy Cat, we are suckers for cats with attitude – and the furrier the better. It turns out we’re not alone in our cat craze.

Why do we love cats so much, anyway? In this infographic, Marketo explores the virality of cats and bacon, two of the world’s most popular topics on the Web. Did you know that cats go viral more than any other animal? Each month, Google receives 30 million search queries alone for “cat”; that’s almost 2.75 times more than the number of queries it receives for Kim Kardashian! Search queries for bacon aren’t too low, either; Google receives over 6 million searches for the greasy stuff each month.

Outside of search, cats and bacon have taken over the Web with videos and memes; the “Keyboard Cat” video on YouTube, for example, has been viewed over 31 million times since it was uploaded in 2007. Epic Meal Time, the YouTube channel whose videos focus on ways to incorporate as much bacon, Jack Daniels, and cholesterol as possible into meals, has more than 5 million subscribers on the network. On Facebook, the infamous Grumpy Cat has over 1 million fans, and the “bacon” interest page over 10 million. Wow.

Marketers, among others, are riding the cat bandwagon to score some extra bucks and increase brand awareness. Take Cravendale, the UK’s largest milk brand, which gained an 8% increase in sales through its “Cats with Thumbs” campaign. For marketers looking to create the internet’s next cat sensation, the trick, according to Marketo, is authenticity in your campaign.

With numbers like these, it’s obvious that cats will soon take over the internet, and possibly the world.

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