What is the Real Cost of Bad Customer Service? [INFOGRAPHIC]

A proper and effective customer service department is the finest edge any company can have over the competition. After just a single bad customer service experience, 89% of consumers will leave your brand for a competitor, never to return. And more than 50% of customers say they would pay a little bit extra for better service.

Education, IT, and real estate businesses are at the top of their game when it comes to customer service. Those three set a great example of what customer satisfaction looks like. And though media and telecommunication companies are generally rated lowest, Apple gets high marks for customer service and positive feedback from customers.

More than industries and specific companies lead the way in customer service; particular countries stand out. New Zealand, Australia, and Canada lead the world in for customer service with satisfaction rates of 92%, 89%, and 91% respectively. While Turkey, South Africa, and the UAE hold the bottom three spots with rates of 68%, 60%, and 58% respectively.

A company is only as good as its customer service department, and many even widely popular companies aren’t hitting the mark. But with the help of social media, the customer service industry is evolving to deliver a much more personal experience.

Now that individuals can directly reach the companies they use and follow via Twitter and Facebook, expectations for what customer service should deliver have grown. In the earlier days of Twitter, for example, when registering a complaint about a company through a tweet, we used to be pleasantly surprised to get a response. Now, however, a response is expected, yet about 70% of customer service complaints on Twitter go ignored and unanswered.
What are your expectations for customer service? Take a look at this infographic and let us know in the comments!

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