X Americans Becoming More Conscious About their Health

INFOGRAPHIC: Are Americans Becoming More Conscious About their Health?

Did you know that Americans eat more than 66% of the worlds ice cream? But all is not lost, we are also starting to eat more vegetables and fresh fruits every year, too, while reducing our fast food and carbonated soda intake by 2%.

That’s right, Americans are now buying more veggies and fewer cigarettes! Whether you’re out to lose 10 pounds or that daily pack of smokes, more people in the U.S. are starting to take their New Year’s resolutions a little more seriously. In fact since 2002, more U.S. citizens have become former smokers than new ones. In 2007 we bought nearly 18.1 billion packs of cigarettes, and while we spend slightly more on tobacco products than before (due to inflation and higher taxes), in 2011 Americans purchased 3.5 billion less packs.

We’re also now looking to work out more with the fitness sector growing by 12% from 2007 into a $45 billion industry. Eating and living a healther lifestyle can save you years of life and tons of money too! Families are paying 31.9% more for health insurance today, compared to 2005, and $147 billion is spent total in obesity-related health costs for conditions like Type 2 diabetes.

With a more health conscious society, our average life expectancy has increased from 77.4 years in 2003 to 78.6 years old now and rising.

Are you more concerned about your health now than in the past?

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