American News Consumption Gone Digital [INFOGRAPHIC]

In today’s media landscape, readers are drastically changing the ways they access and interact with newspaper media content. The average American adult now uses four different devices or technologies to access news in a given week.

Despite predictions of their demise, traditional newspapers remain a force. More than 137 million U.S. adults read a print newspaper in the typical week. Over half of adult Twitter users read a print newspaper during the week.

But now mobile also plays a major role in the newspaper business model. In 2012, mobile-exclusive users in the U.S. increased the overall newspaper online audience by 27%. In 2013, 43 million adults accessed content from newspaper sources on tablets and smartphones in an average month. In January of 2014 alone, online newspaper media content reached more than 145 million unique visitors.

Social media serves a key role as well. Over three-fourths of American adults follow links on social media for news stories. In 2013, the Washington Post and The New York Times each drove more than 260,000 tweets per week.

Over the past decade, newspapers have continued to innovate and transform, reaching new audiences and discovering new revenue streams. Back in 2006, The New York Times launched a mobile website, giving readers a better way to access content via their mobile devices. In 2007, several newspapers began experimenting with Twitter—including @nytimes, @wsj, @denverpost, @ajc, @statesman, @oregonian and @freep. In 2010, FiveThirtyEight blog came to The New York Times, and it was responsible for 20% of the site’s Web traffic. In 2011, the Philadelphia Enquirer became the first major media company to partner with a tablet maker, offering a $99 Android tablet to new digital edition subscribers.

And things are now getting even more serious. This year, the San Francisco Chronicle announced plans to give reporters two months of rigorous digital training, a social media bootcamp.

To learn more about innovations in digital news communications, check out the full infographic below!

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