Boo! Why Are Americans So Spooked to Spend on Halloween This Year?

Zombies knocking at your door? Is it a sign of the impending apocalypse or just credit lenders?

Apparently Halloween isn’t the only thing that has Americans spooked these days. Spending on Halloween has fallen this year for the first time since 2005. Only 158 million Americans will celebrate Halloween this year compared to 170 million in 2012. Nearly half of these people will end up sporting some costume, though, with folks spending about $2.6 billion on their own disguises and another $330 million dressing up their pets too! 20% of people plan on making their own costumes, which is always a fun activity for the family in itself.

Almost nine out of 10 say they will spend less this year, which averages out to $75 per person. What’s worse, nearly one out of every 16 people won’t hand out any candy at all!

So this Halloween, what are you losing sleep over, ghosts or dead presidents?

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