2020 Vision: What Will the US Look Like 7 Years from Now?

Where is the United States headed in the future? Will we be more energy efficient? Technologically advanced? Will we fly around on robots?

While we are expected to live in a more urbanized culture in quarters that will move closer and closer together, we’re also expected to live closer to work, school, and public transportation.

It looks like that by 2020 there will be 7% more jobs than there are today, with much of the job growth headed west and south to places like Austin, Texas, Sacramento, Calif., and Phoenix. Cities like Detroit, Milwaukee, and Cleveland are expected to see much slower growth. To me, it’s no surprise that Austin is one of the fastest-growing cities in America while Detroit is quickly shrinking. Also, come 2020 65% of all jobs will require some post-secondary education and training, an increase of 28% since 1973. The fastest-growing occupations will revolve around healthcare with an aging Baby Boomer population.

By 2020, today’s minority populations are projected to make up 40% of the population, with Hispanics accounting for close to 20%. In general, life expectancy is expected to rise continually. Come 2020 we will reach an average life expectancy of close to 80 years!
Long live America!

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