These Playful Instagrams Combine Simple Illustrations with Everyday Objects for Unusual Effects

record player of a flower by Javier Perez

If there’s any artist you should be following on Instagram, it’s Web and graphic designer Javier Pérez Estrella. There he posts photographs combining playful illustrations with real world objects like paperclips and pliers, creating an element of surprise. Below you’ll find some of my favorites of his work:

Boy holding grape ballons by Javier Perez

oreo cookie globe by Javier Perez

sushi with toothpicks for chopsticks by Javier Perez

mosquito with a needle body by Javier Perez

farmer with pliers body by Javier Perez

eiffel tower of forks by Javier Perez

paperclip trumpet by Javier Perez

floppy disk and sd memory card family by Javier Perez

Find more of Pérez’s illustrations on Instagram.

via Colossal

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