Illusion Photography: See 1 Scene that Looks Like 4 Different Places

illusion art

No, folks, this is not a Photoshopped collage of pictures! What you are looking at is four unique arrangements masterfully crafted by Bela Bordosi within the same room. While it may be difficult to trick your mind into seeing the truth, stare at the photo long enough and you’ll eventually notice that some of the more subtle objects actually do span across multiple quadrants.

Of course, you’re probably far from convinced, so see the making of photograph for yourself in compelling stop-motion style!

Bordosi was born in Vienna in 1966 and took on photography after studying graphic design and fine art. In 1992, he moved to New York and began to focus on still life photography, which has become the main focus of his work. Bordosi has worked for various publications, including The New York Times and Wired Magazine, along with advertising clients like Hermes, Puma, and Nike.

You can also check out the setup for Bordosi’s illusion in the pictures below:

shot revealed

4 scenes detailed view

[via weburbanist]

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