Photos of a Husky Mix Raised By Cats Who Actually Thinks She’s a Cat

This husky mutt is such an adorable dog, except she think’s she’s a cat. Tally, aka Tao Tao, a name which means mischievous in Chinese, is a Husky/Malamute mix who was raised by cats. Tally is no longer in the home with the feline surrogate parents, but her present owner was able to get some pictures of her as a puppy. Her owner continues photographing Tally, who has maintained her cat-like behaviors even as she’s grown up. The lovable dog shows off her cat qualities in these pictures and it is, indeed, quite adorable:

tally husky mix 1

tally husky mix 2

tally husky mix 3

tally husky mix 4

tally husky 5

tally husky 6

tally husky 7

tally husky mix puppy picture

tally husky mix puppy picture 2

See the all the pictures of Tally on her Imgur album.
via Thought Catalog

Liane Montagne
and I thought my dog had personality quirks,, ;-)
Charity Valenzuela Marces
Wow..It's weird to see a husky to sit like a cat with his feet tucked under him.. lol
Ashwin Asp
I really don't see the cat like qualities. My dog does all that -_-
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