Photographer’s Girlfriend Leads Him Around the World in Touching Series


In a romantic series of scenes, Russian photographer Murad Osmann is led around the world by his girlfriend Nataly Zakharova in an ongoing project called Follow Me. In each stunning image, you can see the back of Zakharova while holding the hand of her photographer boyfriend as she guides him through traveling around the world. The pair manage to visit some amazing places like Spain, Russia, France, Turkey and the U.S, and are able to vividly capture the exotic landscape, rich culture and fashion that define each place.

The series started out on Instagram, but has turned into a full blown movement here inspiring others across the globe to follow suit!

muradosmannfollowme1Casa Mila – Barcelona, Spain
muradosmannfollowme4Istanbul, Turkey
muradosmannfollowme3Suleymanuye Mosque – Istanbul, Turkey
muradosmannfollowme5Blue Mosque – Istanbul, Turkey
muradosmannfollowme7Leandro Erlich installation in East London
muradosmannfollowme8Crystal Palace – Madrid, Spain
muradosmannfollowme9Barcelona, Spain
muradosmannfollowme10Platform 9 3/4 at Kings Cross Station – London
muradosmannfollowme11Times Square – New York
muradosmannfollowme12Corrida (bullfight) in Spain
muradosmannfollowme13Éze, France
muradosmannfollowme14Behind the scenes in Cannes
muradosmannfollowme15Benidorm, Spain
muradosmannfollowme17Moscow, Russia
muradosmannfollowme16Alhambra, Granada
Could you imagine traveling to all these beautiful places with such a lovely companion too?

via My Modern Metropolis

Daniel Zeevi

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