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10 Nerdy and Dirty Illustrations for Geeks in Love

When you fall in love, things can get a little fuzzy and, with your thoughts and feelings in disarray, you might not be able to communicate too clearly. But when geeks fall in love it can get even worse, given their infamous lack of communication skills with species of the opposite gender! See, geeks generally tend to do really geeky things in school like studying computer science, and we all know that women aren’t too thrilled about careers in computer science; 85% of computer science students are male nerd specimens. So it’s no wonder that, when your typical geek falls in love, he has no idea what to say. But who does? These kind of emotions can leave even a polished orator speechless.

Thankfully Nicole Martinez’s Nerdy Dirty illustrations have provided a few one-liners to help any geek finally profess his love. The next time cupid has you tongue-tied, tell your love how much “you sulfur when they argon” before it’s too late. 🙂

You Turn Me On.


You Charge My Particles.


You Fog My Spectacles.


My Beaker Bubbles For You.


You Magnetize My Poles.


Aorta Tell You How Much I Love You


You Are As Sweet As Pi


I think I lava you


You mean the world to me


I Sulfur When You Argon