10 Funny NSA and Government Surveillance Parodies and Memes

The NSA - the only part of the government that actually listensQuite the ruckus has been made over the last few days regarding our privacy or, better put, lack thereof. Just about every major tech company, including Google and Facebook, has released statements denying involvement with a secret government surveillance program called PRISM after a report by the Washington Post claimed otherwise. Though the Post has retracted some of its bold statements since the release of its report, the damage may have already been done, perception-wise. Verizon and countless other phone service providers have already been getting tapped for user data by the NSA for a long time; now conspiracy theorists have lit a new flame that should burn well into the next conspiracy that breaks.

From government surveillance units poorly disguised as Verizon vans to Obama himself inquiring about Verizon’s “share everything plan,” some of the responses on the internet have been, well, downright hilarious!


nsa surveillance van meme

good guy nsa

Overly attached NSA meme

Hello, Verizon

verizon nsa deal

nsa meme

nsa  tracking devices

captain picard on the nsavia weknowmemes

Good point, Captain Picard…

Jason Cheung
And now the NSA wants to shut down businesses for using its name, logos, and initials to make fun of them. Why are they collecting information on us again?
Peter Masters
Love this! You're lucky, they're only spying on foreigners. (Like me)
Thomas Sumter
lol so they say.
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