Meet the World’s First Self-Replicating 3-D Printer that Assembles in Just 30 Minutes

Are you thinking about purchasing a 3-D printer? Why not just get one that can replicate itself so you can start selling the clones to your buddies as well? That’s right, the world’s first self-replicating printer the BI V2.0 3D Printer by Boot Industries can produce its own parts to clone itself in just 30 minutes! Also you can print in 3-D and make improvements without having to do anything tricky during the process like pulling string pulleys or rewiring towers.

The printer is made out of steel and sports reinforced 3-D printed corners and anodized aluminum extrusions that also combines materials at up to 240 degrees Celsius during its manufacturing process. The design by Boot Industries also allows creators to print 3-D objects very quickly and without any clogging. The device also doesn’t even need an external computer and can be operated solely using an integrated LCD key controller. Plus, the machine offers a 4 GB SD card which can store about 2,500 print files.

Check out some product pictures below and learn more about the self-replicating printer on its Kickstarter.






via Inhabitat

Norman Julio Flecha Santiago
this is like totally cool.. I see were we are going with this very soon.. " cloning the shit out of everything"
Ryan Irby
I wish I'd stop seeing these articles/videos/posts regarding "self-replicating" 3D printers. Until they can switch materials and print motors, circuit boards, and wiring, they're NOT self-replicating. This would be like calling a lathe self-replicating because it can make a shaft for a lathe....
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