Facebook’s Embedded Posts Now Available to Everyone

Facebook embedded posts on mobile

Facebook made public posts embeddable on blogs and other external websites at the end of July, but the feature was only available to Facebook’s media partners. Now after testing the feature for a few weeks Facebook has made it possible for anyone to embed public posts on their websites. That’s right! Now even plebeians like you and me can embed posts on our websites, like this one of Miley Cyrus pretending to nap with her arm in the air in selfie position:

I love embedding posts.

From embedded posts you could always “Like” and share, or follow pages and profiles respectively, and click to view the post’s comments on Facebook. Now, based on feedback it received from its initial testers, Facebook has made a few improvements, including in-line video playback, access to embed codes from embedded posts, and an improved mobile experience.


In-Line Video Playback

Now, videos in embedded posts can be played directly within your website. Check out this video of a meteor exploding we posted to the DashBurst page yesterday:


Access Embed Codes Directly from Embedded Posts

Now the “Like Page” or “Follow” button on embedded posts features a drop-down menu that gives you access the embed code. Previously retrieving the embed code involved visiting the post on Facebook.


An Improved Mobile Experience

Facebook embedded posts on mobile

Facebook has reduced the width of embedded posts viewed on mobile so that they better fit small screens. Facebook has also made the “Like,” “Comment,” and “Share” buttons larger and easier to tap from a touchscreen.

For more information on embedding Facebook posts, check out the developers page.

Now that Facebook’s made you part of the club, what posts will you embed?

Lauren Mobertz

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