Little-Known Edu Tools Useful for College Students

Knowing the right internet resources to use for different tasks can make your college assignments much easier. However, many of the most well-known websites aren’t actually the most useful. In this post, we will focus on less popular online tools that can be even more useful to your academic success.

1. RescueTime

This tool will help you track every minute of your time. By enabling you to see which documents, websites, and apps you most use, you can get a better sense of how long different tasks take. This, in turn, can help you more effectively schedule your time and work more efficiently.

2. Any.Do

If you’re looking for the most effective to-do app, you should definitely check out Any.Do – a simple, but powerful tool that’s available for iPhone and Android phones, as well as for PC and Mac computers. The app syncs all your to-do lists and allows you to access them on the go.

3. Honey for Chrome

This is the ultimate money-saving tool for college students. It will enable you to stay within your budget when shopping online since it provides you with discount codes you can use when shopping at the most popular online retailers.

4. Writinghouse

Students are terrified by the entire process of academic writing, but the thing that annoys them the most is referencing. With the help of, you can save a lot of time when writing papers because this citation and bibliography generator enables you to instantly finish the works cited page. This completely free tool supports Chicago, APA, Harvard, and MLA styles of referencing.

5. CampusBookRentals

Textbooks take their toll on your limited budget, which is exactly why you should start using CampusBookRentals, which enables you to rent all textbooks and save up to 80%. The shipping is free in both directions, so you won’t have to pay additional fees for receiving and returning the materials. And the coolest part: you’re allowed to highlight in the textbooks.

6. Diigo

This online tool brings your computer screen as close as it can get to a studying desk. Diigo enables you to add sticky notes to webpages and highlight useful information. You can also use the tool to archive the information you collect and access it whenever you need it.

7. Wordcounter

This online tool will analyze your papers and count the most frequently used words. We all overuse our favorite phrases, and this tool will draw your attention to them. In the end, you can cut back on the repetitive or redundant words and add some variety to your papers. Most importantly, Wordcounter is completely free.

8. iTunes U

This is probably the most underestimated tool that’s actually useful for your studies. Although it got off to a slow start, iTunes U has grown into an enormous database that offers content that’s not only useful for your studies, but will add some fun as well.

9. PDF Search Engine

This online tool enables you to find countless reports, manuals, and papers in PDF form. Why do you need such files? Because they tend to provide much more reliable and accurate information than articles you can read online.

Conclusion: Get out of your comfort zone and try something new!

No one denies that the popular online educational tools can be a great addition to your studying toolbox, but you should also try something new from time to time. All the resources we mentioned above can boost your efficiency as a student, so start exploring them and thank us later.
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By Sandra Miller

Sandra Miller is a professional writer from New York. Writes her first book and learns the art of self publishing. She has a PhD in English literature, NYU graduate.