Don’t Drink and Post (On Social Media)

You could argue that drinking and posting on social media go well together. At least functionally, considering that alcohol gives most people the liquid courage they need to strike up bold conversations and even inspire their wit. When the number of cocktails rises, however, your verbal cheekiness and creativity are likely to work against your best interest, and can even cost you your job.

The most recent infographic from Addvocate explores the dangers of PUI – Posting Under the Influence, pointing out the fine line between the harmless fun of social drinking and public humiliation. In their scale, the threat level of the first three drinks is moderate – listing typos, selfies, and drinking statuses as the most likely outcome. From the forth cocktail up, it’s code red alert – sending selfies to your ex, posting drunk updates on your company’s page or using your corporate profile to bash your ex. Here’s how not to use social media:


By Sara Bacon

Sara is a communication manager at Column Five Media.


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