Delta and LinkedIn Team Up to Bring You ‘Innovation Class’ Seating

opportunity gif representing delta and linkedin's innovation class

Delta and LinkedIn are taking corporate-social media business partnerships to a new level by bringing innovative people together in the sky. Delta’s new Innovation Class seating is a mentoring program where the brightest and busiest can meet while flying.

The idea stemmed from the fact that several bright and successful businesspeople fly Delta Airlines. But some of the brightest people out there are also some of the busiest – except when they’re flying. So Delta and LinkedIn created Delta Innovation Class seating to allow businesspeople to capitalize on time with the opportunity to meet with each other in the air.

Delta is marketing the offering as a mentoring program where successful businesspeople can meet with up-and-coming innovators, hear ideas and potentially collaborate for the future. Delta will select certain businesspeople as mentors and, when they fly, reserve open seats next to them that others can then apply for through LinkedIn.

With Innovation Class, Delta and LinkedIn hope to facilitate the spread of innovation by giving people the opportunity to discover novel, promising ideas and build relationships, all while using their time wisely.

Learn more about how the program works in Delta’s video below:

delta's innovation class

delta's innovation class

delta's innovation class

Mikaela Rakos

By Mikaela Rakos

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