Ready to Cast Your Favorite Apps to the Big Screen? Google Opens Chromecast to Developers

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Are you using Chromecast yet? Chromecast is a Wi-Fi connected device that allows your mobile device or computer to communicate with your television. Using Chromecast you can play media from a variety of apps like Netflix, HBO GO, Hulu Plus, Pandora and Songza on your home’s big screen. And according to a recent update by Google, you might soon be able to do a lot more with Chromecast.

Today Google announced that it’s releasing the Google Cast SDK so developers can build Chromecast support into their Android, iOS and Chrome apps. This means that even more of the apps you use to play videos and music could become available for Casting. To see which apps are compatible with Chromecast, just look for the Chromecast symbol (as pictured below) on your app, or visit the Chromecast apps page.

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Chromecast for Developers

In the video below Google introduces developers to the Google Cast SDK:

If you’re a developer seeking more information on the new SDK, visit the Google Cast SDK page or

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