Man Takes Breathtaking, Unexpected Aerial Shot of the Chicago Skyline With His iPhone

aerial shot of the chicago skyline taken by Mark Hersch on his iPhone

aerial shot of the chicago skyline taken by Mark Hersch on his iPhone

Always be ready: you never know when a great photo opp will arise! Amateur photographer Mark Hersch must live by this motto, because when his flight into Chicago O’Hare unexpectedly offered up a sweeping view of the city skyline from above the clouds, he had a camera on hand to snap the amazing shot. As TwistedSifter points out, the best camera is the one you have with you. The camera on hand happened to be Hersch’s iPhone, as he told the Daily Mail:

I looked down and through a narrow break in the clouds, I saw the shadow of the Chicago skyline projecting onto the lake. Oddly enough, I am a very frequent flyer and almost always sit in an aisle seat, but on this flight there were only window seats available.

I grabbed my iPhone and snapped off a single shot, hoping I captured the scene. When I got home I opened the photo on my computer. Not only was I amazed at the shot, but I noticed I also captured another plane on a parallel approach – which you can see if you look closely at the clouds above the skyline in the centre of the image.

Lots of aerial shots are beautiful, but there’s something about the beauty of the unexpected that makes this photo stand out.

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